MediaPlayer in Unity 3D Core project (not URP)

Unity Editor version: 2022.2.0b8
ML2 OS version: Version 1.1.0 Build B3E.221128.08-R.092
MLSDK version: 1.1.0
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS): Windows

Hello All,

Did anyone have any success running the recent ML MediaPlayer (1.1.0) in Unity 3D Core project (i.e. non-URP)? If yes, what shader did you guys use for the video material?
I'm having white screen after upgrading from 0.53.3, although sound plays. Just thought I'd ask here to understand if the player is intended to run at all in non-URP project, before digging deeper.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ebelkin, thank you for your post. We strongly recommend using the Universal Render Pipeline because some features will not work properly when using Unity's legacy renderer.

Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately it's not feasible for us at this point to migrate our project to URP as it is quite big and complex and ML2 support was added at the later stage.

Is it possible to tell if my issue with ML VideoPlayer is indeed caused by the Core renderer? If this is the case I'll just stop searching for bugs in our code and will try other things :slight_smile: It was working OK with 0.53.3 SDK.


@ebelkin you can test to see if the mlvideo player is getting the texture correctly . Although, you may need to edit the MLVideoPlayer script directly and set the texture target to a Raw Image.

@ebelkin I spoke with our engineering team involved with MLMediaPlayer. We don't use anything URP-specific in the media player render pipeline, so we should be good there.

The one thing you'll need to change is the material you use on the mesh renderer. The default materials we ship (and that we also use in our examples project) are URP materials, and so anyone using the built-in render pipeline will need to create and use their own material. The material doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just an unlit mat with white base color is enough.

Please let me know if this unblocks you.

@kdowney, @kbabilinski Thanks for the help guys. I changed the material, but did not get it working so far, unfortunately. I'll continue searching for bugs on my end since your team says non-URP project should not be an issue. I'll also try to monitor if the Unity texture indeed gets updated by the native code SDK. I'll update the topic once I get any additional info. Thanks

Thank you @ebelkin. Please keep us updated.