MagicLeap Camera Player in Unreal

hello. I am developing a Magic Leap app using Unreal.

I used the magicleap camera player plugin and created a camera player using the CreatePlayer method of the camera module.

And I executed a method called Open that receives the URL for the Magic Leap main camera as an argument.

When I build and run the app, the camera player's open function is executed, an orange camera icon appears on the screen, and the app closes.

Is this working correctly?
I'm not sure why the app is closing.

How do I get the image of the main camera while running the Unreal app?

Last time I asked a question, I was told to use the Android API.

However, when I look at the MagicLeap Camera Player code, it seems like I can implement the desired function, but when I run the camera, the app closes, which is frustrating.

I need help.

@bjinsu Sorry to hear that you are running into this problem. You are correct, you should use the Android Camera API to access the Magic Leap Camera.

Do you mind sharing the the logs from your device. Did you notice any errors in the log cat before your application crashed?

You can capture the logs by running adb logcat > file.txt
Reproduce the issue on the device
Press Ctrl+C in the Terminal Window to stop writing to the log file.

By using adb logcat, I was able to find out what the problem was.
It was a simple nullptr crash.
I'm embarrassed. thank you!

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Happy I could help :grin:

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