Magic leap2 assist Pricing

Hello everyone , im new to magic leap . i want to know is there any additional fee attached to using ML Assist ?
is there a subscription fee ?
can i upload a 3d model on ML Assist?
can i include ML Assist in a unity project and use it on magic leap?
is ML Assist available on Magic Leap 2 Base Edition?

Thanks in advance

Hi malitician,

Welcome to the forums! There isn't an additional subscription fee required to use ML Assist. You can install it from the Featured Apps apps page which you can access from the home menu that you'll see when you turn on the device.

When you start a remote collaboration session, the web user (that's not using the MagicLeap) can upload 3d models that can be seen and manipulated by the MagicLeap user.

ML Assist is not open source. You would not be able to use it inside of a Unity project.

Yes, you can use ML Assist with any MagicLeap 2 device, including the base edition.

See here for more information about how to install and use ML Assist-

If you are interested in remote collaboration between multiple MagicLeap users, then you may want to take a look at the Workshop application as well-


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Thanks Adam for your detail reply, it was really helpful.

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