Ignore UI layer when recording video

Hi all!
I'm making video recording functionality for my based on the Unity Magic Leap examples. It works fine, but I can't figure out how to ignore the layer that contains my "Stop recording" button and hint. In a typical mobile project I would, for example, make a second camera render that layer and main camera to ignore that layer. That simply save video from the main camera. But as far as I understand, it's not an option for Magic Leap.
At the same time, the default Magic Leap photo/video capturing functionality that one can trigger from the main menu or by pressing Home button + Bumper shows UI, but doesn't record it. It's the exact functionality I want to achieve in my app.
So could someone tell me how to fix some config (if any exists) or give me a workaround?

Unity Editor version: 2022.3.0
ML2 OS version: 1.3.0-dev1
MLSDK version: 1.11.0 Example project
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS) MacOS

You can use the MagicLeap camera apis to capture video from the rgb camera with or without 3d content composed on top of the camera feed.
I recommend taking a look at the camera capture sample in the Unity examples project as it demonstrates how you can capture images from the camera, 3d content, or both-

See \Assets\MagicLeap\Examples\Scenes\CameraCapture.unity
See \Assets\MagicLeap\Examples\Scripts\CameraCapture\CameraCaptureExample.cs for example usage of the MLCamera apis to capture video using various capture modes.

This documentation page lists the different capture modes that are supported by the MLCamera apis-

See documentation pages here for usage of the MLCamera apis-

Briefly, to capture video without 3d content, you will pass ConnectFlag.CamOnly in the Flags field of the MLCamera.ConnectContext struct that you pass to MLCamera.CreateAndConnect.


Thank you for your answer. I've taken a look at the CameraCapture.unity. But my question remains the same. 3d content that I have is 1) my 3d model 2) my basic UI 3) video recording UI.
Now all 3 are captured when I set ConnectFlag to capture mixed reality. But what I want is ML to capture real world and 1(model) and 2(basic UI) 3d content without 3 - video recording UI.