I can't connect my magic leap device to ML hub

Unity Editor version (if applicable): 2022.3.13
ML2 OS version: 1.5.0
MLSDK version: 1.5.0

Magic Leap HubVersion
Magic Leap Application Simulator Module Version
Magic Leap Application Simulator Runtime Version
Server: 3.8 (built Dec 8 2023), Protocol: 27
ZIF (bundled): Version
ZIF (runtime): Version

Whenever I try to connet, this error occurs so i can't do anything. How to fix this?

  • Please check your device is booted and that 'App Sim Device Agent' launches on the device, to rule out any compatibility issues.

If launches fail only when Unity® or Android Studio instances are running, there may be an 'adb' conflict. Consider editing 'Settings > Magic Leap Hub > Developer > Use custom adb' to point to the same 'platform-tools/adb' binary used by whatever Android SDK those tools are using.

Hi @primepaejh,

Are you able to connect the headset using the Device Bridge?