How to use microphone during remote redering

Is there a way to select Magic Leap's microphone as an input value on a PC during remote rendering in Magic Leap?

I want to have voice conversations with characters in Unreal Engine by microphone of magic leap2

Please give me advice on documentation or setting methods for this.

-Unreal engine 5.3
-Window 11

HI @yuna.seo,

I have reached out to our team regarding this issue and I will report back as soon as I learn more.



Hi @yuna.seo,

Audio input through the Magic Leap 2 is not supported at the moment when using Remote Rendering. I have shared your request with our voice of customer team, though.



If you want to use microphone input, you're welcome to use input from any USB mic on your PC.

How about accessing to camera of magic leap2 during remote rendering?
Is it also impossible?
I'm doing with Unreal Engine5.1~5.3

At this time, camera data is not available through remote rendering. I have shared this with our voice of customer team and I will update you on any future developments.