How to specify C SDK path with Unity SDK 2.1.0?

In the Unity SDK version 2.1.0, the Preferences>External Tools>Magic Leap settings have been removed.
So, how do we now specify the path to the Magic Leap C SDK to be used?

Kind regards, Jakob

The OpenXR workflow does not require the path to be set. However, if you are having any issues with the configuration, we recommend using the Magic Leap Setup tool that can be downloaded from the Unity Asset Store.

Ah, yes I forgot about the Magic Leap Setup Tool.
We are still using the (soon deprecated) MLSDK, and we are doing scripted builds where we want to configure the C SDK path from script. But I can see that the Magic Leap Setup Tool is also setting the path in EditorPrefs with the "MagicLeapSDKRoot" key - so our current system should still work fine.

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