Upgrade to Magic Leap Unity SDK 2.0 without OpenXR

Upgrade to Magic Leap Unity SDK 2.0 without OpenXR

The Magic Leap Unity SDK v2.0.0 supports both the XR Magic Leap Plugin and OpenXR workflows. However, due to a package dependency change, upgrading your SDK version requires you to specify the com.unity.xr.magicleap dependency explicitly.

This guide details how to upgrade your project while continuing to use the XR Magic Leap Plugin workflow.

Specify the com.unity.xr.magicleap 7.0.0 package dependency

  1. Navigate to to the Package Manager settings by selecting Edit > Project Settings from the menu. Then choose Package Manager.
  2. Select the + button at the bottom of the list. A new entry will appear as Add package by name... in the list.
  3. Enter the following details:
Name : com.unity.xr.magicleap
version : 7.0.0
  1. Click Apply.
You can also add the registry by editing your project's /Packages/manifest.json file directly
  1. Open the manifest.json file located in the /Packages/ folder inside your project's root directory.
  2. Add the following package to your dependencies
  "dependencies": {

    "com.unity.xr.magicleap": "7.0.0",


Install the new Magic Leap SDK

With the com.unity.xr.magicleap package dependency updated, you can remove the Magic Leap SDK package using the Package Manager, then import the latest version of the Magic Leap SDK.

See the How to import Magic Leap SDK guide for detailed instructions.