How to create New Space Name from app

How can create New Space from my app with ar cloud?

Hey @thangpro , currently Space names are defined on the Admin Portal only. The Spaces Tool on device can name the maps you contribute back to the space but ultimately that is a Web Portal action.

I am curious about your use case and if naming spaces from the device app is something that is important to you.

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My App allows master to:
Create a space, place an object in space
Sharing name space via photon
When the user joins the photon room, the user will receive data including name space, object information
After having the space name, I use this space name for the "Space" app of magic leap

@thangpro can you confirm both devices show the same Space in the Spaces tool under the "Shared Spaces" tab? If both devices can see the name then sending Device A's localized space to Device B over photon should allow you to manually select it. If you can confirm the above I can outline the API calls you can use.

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I need create auto,
I want:

  • call api to create Space("Shared Spaces") from my app
  • call auto select Space with name from my app

I think I responded in a similar thread but I believe you are describing a feature we plan to release in the future called Automatic Mapping. Currently you can not programmatically Create a space from your application, you can from the spaces tool.

Till that feature is exposed in a future release you can import a saved space, export a saved space, and select a saved space but the mapping flow is within the Spaces application itself (which can be invoked programmatically).

From the above wants you can Select a space as active with the name from your app if you already have a saved map file and want to it with an above combination of the above.

I will definitely follow up here once Automatic Mapping is released as I think your feedback will be very useful.


Thanks for your helpful help, so I'll keep an eye on it if new features come out