Failed deployment on 2023.2.1f1


I have found an irritating issue. When attempting to build a fresh, empty project in 2023.2.1f1, the deployed application does not launch. The unity loading screen does not appear and I see only a black screen. Attempted a deployment build and atttached debugger, but since the launcher does not start, the debugger does not catch.

The irritation comes from this: If I create the project with the same settings in 2022.3.19f1, and then upgrade the project to 2023.2.1f1, the build launches/deploys fine.

It cost me several days to figure out why some of my 2023.2.1f1 projects deploy successfully and others do not. And it seems that in my case only the ones that were upgraded from 2022->2023 can be deployed, whereas the ones that were created in 2023 can not be deployed

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Empty project in 2022, successfully deployable: footballdaniel/Test2022 at 1684cffeb584f11dbb677fa63d91c366967d4f61 (
  2. Same project, bumped to 2023, successfully deployable: Upgrade project to 2023.2.1f1, deployment successful! · footballdaniel/Test2022@1cb8702 (
  3. Separate project, created in 2023.2.1f1, deployment failed: footballdaniel/Test2023 (

Unity Editor version: 2023.2f1 / 2022.3.19f1
ML2 OS version: 1.5.0
MLSDK version: 7.0.0 / unitysdk 2.0.0
Host OS: Windows

I had some issues like this before for a different scenario.
When contacting to unity they always prefer to use LTS for production even though it’s 2 years old. Weird

Hi @footballdaniel

We recommend using LTS versions of Unity for development only.