Difference between ML2 basic and ML2 Developer Pro Edition (NOT ENTERPRICE)


We have a question about the differences between Magic Leap 2 Basic and the Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro devices.

As it seems there is no hardware difference between the two. So we would like to know if there are any documentations on the subject about the License and Software specifications.

Are there more features to configure on the ML2 Device through the Dev Pro License and does the Dev Pro package have more example scenes (also for "Unity"). A scene with a connection between a SQL client and a SQL server would be perfect.

We already received some information from our supplier about the developer resources, however we would like to know more details.

Thank you all !

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Hi @a.reality, thanks for the post. Let me talk to our business team and I'll report back asap.

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Hi @a.reality, Developer Pro allows developers to test enterprise features, but does not come with rights to use those features commercially.

Our Where to Buy page has the details on Product Pricing and Feature Lineup, and our Magic Leap 2 page has details on device specifications.

Our examples for Unity are located here. We don't currently have an SQL example, but I have logged your feedback with our Voice of the Customer team.

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I've been meaning to ask for a while, but Magic Leap OS and SDK are released every month. Is this the same for Basic as well, or is it provided in the same way?
If they are together, I see no difference between Basic and Developer Pro at this time.
The only benefit for Developer Pro is getting the AR Cloud key information.
I don't think I have received any other Developer Pro benefits.

Hi @tokufxug, Our Where to Buy page is the best place that describes the differences between the licenses and the timelines of when the advanced features are expected to be available.

The idea behind this is Developer Pro is a more accessible way for developers to test Enterprise features without paying the full Enterprise license.

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If I only purchased the ML2 Basic version at the beginning, can I upgrade to Developer Pro or Enterprise later?

Hi @wangvation Yes that is entirely possible. You can purchase the license key you'd like through your reseller. Once you have a license, you can manage it by visiting our how to manage your license page.