Developer Certificate

I received the following email:
It looks like your development certificate is expiring in 30 days. Please go to the [Developer Portal] to generate a new one.
What does this mean? Also, when I click to the link for Developer Portal the page is not found

Hi John, can you please forward that email? I'll run that down asap.


I forwarded the email.

Thanks John, I only received your forum post, not the actual email. Can you send the actual email you received? Thanks very much. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you @john.estrada, received your email. That email was only for Magic Leap 1 development. It is not connected to Magic Leap 2 in any way. The link was incorrectly redirected to an ml2 url address.

If you are still interested in developing apps for Magic Leap 1, you can replace the "2" in the "ml2" of the url address with a "1" to renew the certificate.

Please let me know if you have additional questions and thank you for raising this.

Hi @kdowney
I have the same issue.
Thanks for the tip of replacing ml2 with ml1 in the URL!
When I download my new dev certificate for ml1 , I download a .cert file, can't find any private key and can't build with Unity without it...
One year ago when I created my previous cert, I downloaded a ZIP file containing both.
How could I get my private key please?
Thank you!