Definition of Pursuit &Saccade

Based on the eye movement research information provided by the current existing research documents, Saccade and Pursuit are converted into values with °/s as the unit. I would like to know the range of °/s for Saccade and Pursuit respectively?

Hello. I can't offer an official answer but here are some ranges that could be helpful.

Smooth pursuit is usually stable up to about 30 deg/s for people without pathology.

For saccades, the velocity profile is triangular and peak velocity depends on saccade size according to a relationship called the main sequence. For small saccades of just a couple of degrees in size, the peak velocity can be tens of degrees per second, just above the pursuit range.

If you want to use the GazeRecognition API for this kind of work, it might make sense to save the whole timeseries trace and compute velocity values from that.

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