Change in field of view in World Camera when focusing

FOV in World Camera is said to have a total combined FOV of 170°H x 100°V (100°H x 100°V, 113.4°D per cam). How much will this change while changing focus from the nearest to the furthest? Will you experience a lot of pumping while focus change?

Hi @Dag.N_Derpaa,

There isn't a mechanical change in focus, any focus change would occur virtually inside your application.
Here are some guidelines for stabilizing gaze in Unity applications as well as a guide on the near and far clip planes.

Thank you. Will that mean that the autofocus operates using a change in the curvature of the lens itself instead of mechanical movement of the lens (VCM)?

@Dag.N_Derpaa there is no physical change in the lenses and no autofocus is performed on the things you see in the real world. The only autofocus effect gets generated in the virtual camera, which then affects how the virtual content is displayed to the eyes. You will always see real world content from the same depth and distance as you would through a pair of regular prescription or sunglasses.

Sorry I meant the 12.6M pixel autofocus RGB camera when I wrote World
Camera. Will the recorded video show a change in field of view as focus change from the nearest to the furthest while autofocusing?

@Dag.N_Derpaa The perceptible change in field-of-view will be negligible.

We offer Camera Intrinsics that would allow you to quantify these changes.

Thank you. A teardown has confirmed that the camera uses the piezoelectric MEMS-based tunable optics technology TLens by poLight. So the change in field of view while focus change will for sure be negligible.