World coordinate system

I would like to understand, in the world coordinate system, which coordinate system is used as the origin for the eye position and fixation position?
Eye Tracking | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Hi @carriefox517

To clarify, the eye position and fixation point is provided in world coordinates.

Does the world coordinate refer to the location of the central lens?

No, the the headset position is reported located in-between the position of the average of the left and right display referential which ends up being somewhere between the two display and a bit ahead of the users eyes.

To clarify my previous post, I wanted to point out that the fixation point position provided by the API is not relative to the headset but based off of the world origin.

We are using an eye-tracking SDK. Four of us conducted eye-tracking data collection tests from the same seat and at the same angle. Our eye-tracking collection app was running continuously, but the fixation point X produced were all different. What could be the reason?
Each column represents the same person, with a total of four people and four columns.

Did you run eye calibration before testing with each participant?