Camera Access


I am trying to access all cameras on the Magic Leap 2 to sense NIR with wavelength higher than 785 nm. I still have questions left unanswered from my last post: Access to multiple cameras.

Here are the questions that are still left unanswered:

  1. Will the world camera be able to sense Near infrared with wavelength higher than 785nm? Or is there a defined limit for wavelength that the world camera be able to see?
  2. Is there any way to access other cameras? And they potentially perform better in sensing NIR?

Unity Editor version: 2022.3.14f1:
ML2 OS version: 1.5.0:
MLSDK version: 1.5.0:
Host OS: MacOS

Sorry about that, I forgot to hit the submit button in the other thread. I updated that thread with more information. The world cameras would be the best cameras to use for IR lights. I can also let the voice of customer team know that you are interested in controlling the exposure of the cameras to accurately track the IR lights.

The ideal wavelength is 750nm but lower values will also work. Values begin to be cut off at 770 and higher. You may be able to capture the IR light depending on the AOI. I recommend testing with the World Camera samples provided by the MlSDK and the Unity 1.12.0 Examples project.

No worries. I don't think I need to control exposure time at the moment, though that is a measure that would be helpful to have. The main concern is to detect NIR light at 800 nm. Some tests were ran today and the highest wavelength the camera can see is around 780.
So here's the follow-up question: What kind of filter is used for Magic Leap? Is it a coating or a physical filter? Is there a way to remove that filter? Also, it would be the best if we can schedule a zoom meeting sometime in the future to resolve those issues all at once. Thanks.

There is no way to remove the filter programmatically and we do not recommend physically altering the device We do not recommend removing the lenses from the world cameras. Magic Leap 2's controller uses 750nm IR lights which are visible by the world cameras.

What other issues are you running into?