Calling StartScanningAsync error dump

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Unity Editor version:
ML2 OS version:
1.2.0 (secure)
MLSDK version:
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS)
Windows 11

Error messages from logs (syntax-highlighting is supported via Markdown):

I've copied the Marker Tracking example setup with settings configuration on Start and calling Start/ StopScanningAsync on Update based on the condition _scanning. Maybe I'm missing something but not sure why I'm getting this error dump when I start calling StartScanningAsync??


@dudleyharvey-kelly Have you been successful in getting other samples to build?

Hi, yes the samples were working. Just thinking I got a similar error with the Meshing when I hadn't requested the permission. I didn't think this was needed for Markers however.

It does build it's just when calling Start/ StopScanningAsync, if I use ConfigureSettings with Enable true, there is no problem Marker Tracking will be on and working. But if I start settings with Enabled false and use StartScanningAsync the error message is printed and the Marker Scanning doesn't work.