Blinking/Flickering Issue on Right Eye of Magic Leap 2 - Lose Tracking Sometimes

Hi MagicLeap Team,

In recent months we have noticed a blinking issue in Magic Leap 2 right side eye(glass) and it's increasing day by day. Specially when we start the device and Splash screen written Magic Leap blinks. Sometimes we have noticed delay and not proper tracking in experience.

More detail: Once the magic leap boot up completely then it looks normal and blinking stops but still we can notice very short hiccups sometimes during experience.

I have attached a reference video.


Model: Magic Leap 2 PMF012
OpenGL ES Version 196610
ML2 OS Version 1.2.0-dev2
Build B3E.230302.12-R.024
Android API Level 29:

Thank you for reaching out @tpower. Sorry to hear about your issue and a member of our Customer Care team will reach out shortly. Thank you for the reference videos, they are helpful.