Bitdefender Total Security Reporting ml_hubc.exe as being infected with the Gen:Variant.Tedy.43802 virus

Just updated windows ML Hub a day ago and now getting this error. Is this bitdefender accidentally treating ml-hubc.exe as rogue or is it possible there is actually a virus in the latest 1.0.0 version. Obviously assuming its just the algorithm used by bitdefender that seems to think there is a signature matching this variant, but certainly worth pointing out to the community. I completely uninstalled mlhub after bit defender removed this file ml_hubc.exe, and when I went to reinstall ml hub , It blocked it from being unpacked from the installer package. The installation continued without that file and hub seems to run fine without it. Is it possible that Trojan files snuck into the last build undetected? What is ml_hubc.exe...the actual file that runs on windows is ml_hub.exe (without the c)

Can you send the potential infected file to me in a DM? I will send to our team to compare hashes.

@reynaldo Also, feel free to delete this file after expansion. It is not necessary for normal operation. Its purpose is to open a shell for debug purposes.