Automatic selection of profile and unlocking the device based on Iris ID

Dear community,

With the Developer Pro licence, it is possible to create multiple profiles on a Magic Leap 2 device. To change the user, the desired profile must be selected manually as far as I know. This user then has the option of unlocking the device using either a PIN or the Iris ID.

As part of our project, it would be highly desirable if the device could automatically determine the person based on the iris, unlock the device and load the corresponding profile. This would allow a device to be transferred smoothly to another person, who could then use the device directly without manual input (assuming, of course, that the profile has been created beforehand).

How could we achieve this?

Huge thanks.

Unfortunately we do not support this feature, but can forward your request to our voice of customer team.

Currently the Iris ID only works as an alternative to the Ping Unlock.