About WebXR hand tracking

I accessed the WebXR hand tracking demo page and the hand tracking did not work. there is no hand tracking in WebXR Viewer's Not Support. Is this a bug?

Sadao Tokuyama

Hi @tokufxug, thank you for reporting this issue regarding our documentation. We expect hand tracking to be functional in WebXR in the December OS update.

I updated my Magic Leap 2 OS to 1.1.0-dev2 and the WebXR hand tracking works just fine! https://twitter.com/tokufxug/status/1600885531680075777

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WebXR hand tracking works, but hand tracking doesn't work without a controller, is this a spec? For example, hand tracking works while I hold the controller in my right hand, but when I switch the controller to my left hand, the hand tracking on my right hand stops working. Instead, the left hand works.

To make sure I understand, you are reporting that hands only track if a controller is connected. Once connected only one of the hands are tracked depending on which hand you hold the controller in.

Is WebXR hand tracking controller-dependent?
Is it normal for hand tracking in WebXR to not work unless the controller is held continuously?

Is there a downloadable demo for hand tracking available?

@tokufxug I have contacted the WebXR team for more information on this

@madschristensen99 We provide example apps for Unity and Native. You can obtain them by building the Unity Example Project or Building the Native apps.

To build the Unity Examples see the install the tools guide then the Magic Leap Unity Examples installation guide.

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If you are looking for a WebXR hand tracking demo, I have created a fairly simplified one.

The official WebXR hand tracking demo is below.

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Update on this - Currently the controller is required for WebXR applications, however, in a future release both hands will be tracked and the controller will not be required.