Image tracking with Vuforia

Magic Leap 2 is unable to do image tracking and show any images. We used the Vuforia software and added image targets to the hierarchy of a Unity project. We also added a child object as a cube on top of it. It doesn't work. When the program starts up, it is seen that the camera is activated at the top left-hand corner of the screen. We followed the steps from this link: Getting Started with Vuforia Engine and Magic Leap 2 | Vuforia Library
We are still unable to see any object pop out from the image. Is it possible to assist in why we are unable to get the image tracking working?

We tried the Vuforia Magic Leap 2 sample and it still doesnt work or even crashes the whole program.

Hi @ksuman04.21,

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Would you mind sharing a few more details regarding your issue?

  • Unity Editor version
  • ML2 OS Version
  • ML SDK Version
  • Development OS (e.g. Mac, Windows)



Hi @etucker,

Thanks for responding to my question. Here are the specifications you have requested:

Unity Editor version: Unity 2022.2.21
ML2 OS Version: 1.4.0-dev2
ML SDK Version:
Development OS: Windows

We have also compiled a few images which may illustrate the problem that we have.

Seems like we are unable to swap our computer's web cam to Magic leap's camera which may be the cause of the issue. Magic Leap 2 is also able to display a "tracking..." loading output when we put it extremely close to the magic leap camera but does not give an image on the object we scanned on vuforia.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you so much for your time!

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