6DOF Application Simulator in Magic Leap Hub

Hey there,

I can see that there is a 6DOF information available in Application Simulator on ML Hub, The "Orientation" makes sense to me, but I don't understand the "Position" parameters (X, Y, Z). How does it calculate? I mean it shows X is some value, but what is the ground truth? From where does it continue the value? How does it get these positional values?

Are you referring to the headset position or controller position? By default Magic Leap's origin is where the headset began tracking. Therefore, in the App simulator, the Origin is where the app simulator was started before connecting to your application. The position values are obtained via our tracking algorithm that uses the camera's on our headset to track the user's movements.

In Unity, you can choose, recenter XR origin on the Magic Leap Camera component to override the default behavior and make the origin reset when the application starts.

Thank you! I actually need these values for my Application as a sample. How can i export these values out in some excel files? Or what is the way to save these values?

Also, how frequent these values change? What is the frequency?

I will need to double check regarding the frequency of our controller tracking . I assume it's 60fps because it updates similar to head pose. Regarding exporting, that is outside the scope of this forum but you could export the values as a json by creating a serializable object in Unity and then using their json utility class to save it to a string.

What tools are you using to develop your application? Unity? Native? or something else?

I am using Unity.

The values change quickly on Unity whereas the Application Simulator does not show change very quickly. I am not sure but it does not look 60fps/60Hz for the headpose values change in Application Simulator on MLHub.

Could you please explain or provide the steps for exporting these values as I do not have much experience about Unity Engine and thus spent 3 days for this task!

I will work on tracking down the update rate of our controller. In the meantime, I recommend asking for help regarding exporting values obtained from Input Actions on Unity's forum : https://discussions.unity.com/. They would be able to provide you with better instructions and resources.

Sure! I have posted there.

But is there anyway in the magic leap (any application and/or online portal or anyother way) or any Magic Leap tool to fetch this data (Transform values) in realtime?