ZI and Anchors don't work together

Anchors fail in ZI

Unity Editor version: 2022.2.0a14
ML2 OS version: B3E.220721.07-R.027
MLSDK version: 29

Error messages from logs:
static private MLAnchors.Request _mlAnchorsRequest;
static private MagicLeapInputs.ControllerActions _controllerActions;
static private MagicLeapInputs _magicLeapInputs;
static private MLAnchors.Request.Params _anchorRequestParams;
_magicLeapInputs = new MagicLeapInputs();
_controllerActions = new MagicLeapInputs.ControllerActions(_magicLeapInputs);
_mlAnchorsRequest = new MLAnchors.Request();
Vector3 controllerPosition = _controllerActions.Position.ReadValue();
_anchorRequestParams = new MLAnchors.Request.Params(controllerPosition, instance.SearchRadius, 0, false);
MLResult startStatus = _mlAnchorsRequest.Start(_anchorRequestParams);
startStatus.IsOk == false
startStatus == MLResult_NotImplemented

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Hey ryan,

I believe this comes down to Anchors not being implemented or supported in ZI(Zero Iteration). You can find more info on this in The Zero Iteration Key API features, MagicLeap Developer Documentation. This documentation shows what Magic Leap APIs are supported in ZI.

Hope this helps,