Workaround to develop on a Linux machine

Does anyone know if there is a workaround to develop on a Linux machine?

I just want to confirm if buying another $2k Win/Mac machine is the only option after buying the $3.5k device.

Thanks a lot!

We so not support Development on Linux at this time. I can provide your feedback to our voice of customer team if you have additional information on my you would like us to support that platform.

Is it possible to dual boot the machine you want to use for development? worst case this would only be the cost of a windows license and maybe another hard drive if you dont want to partition.

you may also be able to run a windows or mac vm or docker container on the linux machine. I am betting this will have un expected issues but could be a good way to get started sooner.

another option could be using unity and only using the windows machine to deploy and manage the device. not sure if the unity sdk works on linux but its worth a try.

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Thanks both for the suggestions. Sounds like what I need is to find a way to deploy the apk and install it on the device. Will the adb on Linux work for the deployment process?

Yes ADB will work on linux, so you could run the ‘adb install’ command to install apks

I can compile (but cannot link) the sample native apps because I am missing the mlsdk libs on Linux. I saw the CMake scripts in fact handle the Linux platform. Do you have a timeline for releasing the mlsdk libs for Linux?

Currently we do not have a timeline for Linux support. However I have shared your request with our voice of customer team.

Thank you so much! I found that I can cross-compile the samples for Andriod on Linux (after getting the mlsdk for Andriod from my colleague), then adb install the apk. I think that will work at the moment and I will try pointing Unity to that Andriod mlsdk and see if it can build apk for the device. Thanks for the support!

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