Which edition to choose for getting eye gaze data? How to extract the data?


I am a student who wants to explore the possibility of Magic Leap 2 for our research project. We would like to use it to extract both egocentric videos and gaze fixation data when recording. Optionally, we also would like to extract other modalities of data, like depth, and head motion parameters.

In order to do this, which edition of Magic Leap 2 do you suggest? How to extract these different modalities of data for analysis? Meanwhile, is it possible to wirelessly connect the Magic Leap 2 to a laptop to preview the video when recording?

@qiamiao the base Developer Edition supports the feature sets you're looking for.

You will need to follow the documentation steps laid out, starting here to make sure you get your project up-and-running.


Thank you for your response. I am new to Magic Leap and the development API. Is there any procedures for how to build the app on the MagicLeap with the api? Is there any already built-up repositories available so I can use them directly?

Meanwhile, can I also know about what is the procedure of connecting the Magic Leap 2 to a laptop so I can deploy the app and preview the video when I am recording the data?


Please see the link in the post above to learn how to get started developing for Magic Leap 2. The Magic Leap Unity Examples project includes a scene that demos using eye tracking data.

If you are referring to seeing the mixed reality view. See the Device Stream section under Developer Tools > Magic Leap Hub in Our developer portal.