Magic Leap 2 Eye Tracking

I am looking to develop an app that uses the device user's eyes to inform UI design. Specifically, I need eye gaze direction, which I believe I can access on the ML2. However, the documentation is not as specific about data on ocular features (pupil diameter, blink rate, saccades). Does the ML2 allow access to any/all of this data?

Hi @mattycorbett Thank you for posting on the Magic Leap 2 Forum. Please see our Gaze Recognition and Eye Tracking APIs for more information.

Gaze recognition reports Magic Leap's best estimate of oculomotor behavior at a given point in time, metadata about the current behavior, and high-precision eye position signals. You can find more details on MLGazeRecognitionBehavior here

We have both Native C-API and Unity examples available through Magic Leap Hub to get started.

Please let me know if this helps.

Hey there, this discussion caught my eye. Is there any chance that ML2 will give access to pupil size data in the Unity API anytime soon?

Thank you for your post @cpeacock and welcome to the Magic Leap 2 Forum. The Eye Tracking APIs have been designed with a user’s privacy in mind; it avoids the passing of any identifiable information, particularly any biometrics.