Unity Native UI/Button with MagicLeap with Model detection

Overall: Developing a Model detection app using Vuforia.

Question: How can we use unity native button to click and should stick to detected model position. Should not move like magic leap menu.

More Detail:
Different points/buttons around the the detected model and should stick to their position.

Any Guide/tutorial would be great help. I did not found this in examples scenes of magic leap.

Hi @tpower,

Here is a guide on the Vuforia Developer Library for integrating Vuforia with the Magic Leap 2 in Unity.

Let me know if this is helpful for you.



Ya, I have already tried these examples and specially the model detection.
But at the moment does not have any sample that shows we can have clickable button in 3d space and stick to specific position.

Current clickable button move around with headset positioning. like a default magic leap menus.
OK, If its not available, I will try to create my own custom script for it..


@tpower Are you referring to detecting button input on the controller or inside Unity? Objects will stick to their set position as soon as they are placed inside the scene. See the Hello Cube App: Building a Simple App | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

You can also use XRI to make World Space canvases interactable. UI interaction setup | XR Interaction Toolkit | 2.2.0