Unity Camera is not connected to my device in Play Mode


I have an issue with the Unity App Simulator.

I managed to import, setup and config everything by following the documentations.
I have no errors, warnings, everything seems to work just fine.
I can start a device targeted session in the unity app simulator and it works perfectly in the App Sim Device/Scene View (even in hybrid mode).

But: when I press Play Mode, neither my XR Rig or ML MainCamera is responding to any of the headset's movement and rotation and also in simulation/hybrid mode none of the objects (unity cubes) appear in the "office" test environment.

Inside the Magic Leap 2 headset the following text appears: "App Sim Ready. Play a scene in Unity or use ZILauncher to run an application on host."

The device is in developer mode.

It's like the simulator/headset and my unity scene and camera are not connected to each other, or something like that.

Here are my versions and the config screenshots:

Unity Editor version: 2022.2.21
ML2 OS version:1.3.0-dev2
MLSDK version: 1.3.0-dev2
ML Hub Version:
Magic Leap Application Simulator Module Version:
Magic Leap Application Simulator Runtime Version:
Magic Leap App Simulator for Unity:
Host OS: Windows 11






In my last last hour of my despair, I reinstalled the ML Hub, but in a different target folder and voila, works perfectly.

So the secret issue was probably my windows username, because it contains a non English character 'á' and I think it caused trouble with the folder paths...

So careful with that!

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