Unable to sign in to Google Account with Web Browser (Beta)

When I try to sign in with my Google Account using Web Browser (Beta), which is installed by default on Magic Leap 2 OS 1.1.0-dev2, it is determined to be an unsupported browser and I cannot sign in. The release notes say that Web Browser (Beta) supports Google Meet, but can I access Google Meet without being able to log in to my Google Account?

Right now, the language is set in Japanese, but if I set the language to English, will I be able to log in to my Google Account?

@tokufxug Looking into this for you. Thank you for your patience .

Share some additional information: when I created a new Google Account in Web Browser (Beta), I was logged in with a new account. Google Meet and YouTube Live Streaming are available in this state.

I logged out with a newly created account in Web Browser(Beta) and logged in again in Web Browser(Beta) and was able to log in normally.
By the way, is it possible for you guys to login with your existing Google account with Web Browser(Beta)?
I would like to know if I am the only one experiencing this problem.

@tokufxug you are correct this is not the expected behavior. I have reported this bug to our web browser team. I’ll keep you updated as we make progress on your ticket.

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