Docs for ML2 web browser?

Wondering if there are any docs for the web browser? Interested in the cross platform potential and in the AR.js library

What type of docs are you looking for ? Our browser supports Web XR MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Our web browser is based on the open source Chromium.

Hmm that link takes me to a page not found

Sorry about that. I updated the url

Awesome. It looks like ML2 already implements WebXR so if you are looking for more demos for ML2 you can go to WebXR - Samples in the ML2 browser. Additionally WebXR allows for an additional workflow not mentioned in the ML2 docs of creating your app inside WebXR

Newby here. Where in the documentation does it describe how to download a PWA or set up a default web page to launch in chrome? It seems the settings for this are not accessible.

Hi @jalex. These features are currently unavailable. However, I have submitted your feedback to our voice of customers team.