PTC Announces Vuforia Engine Support

PTC has announced support for Vuforia Engine on ML2! :tada:

The support is currently in the Alpha stage, with initial documentation in the Vuforia library.

If you have feedback or questions regarding this early support, please post a new Topic to the Vuforia Engine Category on these Forums. Vuforia also has their own Community Forums. Feedback can also be shared directly with Vuforia at

Additional Features and Notices

  • Model Target Tracking Improvements: Model Target tracking for cars and other large, reflective objects is now significantly improved on the HoloLens 2 through an AI-powered tracking technology when using the LOW_FEATURE_OBJECTS tracking optimization. This improvement was previously available on higher-end iOS and Android devices.
  • Deprecation Notices:
    • Apple has deprecated Bitcode as of Xcode 14, and no longer supports app submissions containing Bitcode. A future release of the Vuforia Engine SDK will remove Bitcode from the iOS framework.
    • We will be removing the Book Sample and Rendering Sample from the Unity Asset store in the future. For Cloud Recognition, please use the Core Samples instead, and for visual effects please use the VFX Library.


Let us know what you think!