Preferred Unity Editor (2022.2.0b7 vs. 2022.2.0b8) for the September Release

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Unity Editor version: 2022.2.0b7 vs. 2022.2.0b8
@sengelman It is great to see new improvements coming in with the September Release. Also noted that The Lab 2.0 gets deprecated.

The documentation calls for using Unity 2022.2.0b7. As of September 8, they released 2022.2.0b8. Which should be the preferred Unity Editor for the September Release: 2022.2.0b7 or 2022.2.0b8?

The 2022.2.0b8 release by Unity does not have Magic Leap-specific changes. Therefore, it can be used safely, as well as 2022.2.0b7. The new editor just happened to release it when our docs describing the process were in staging.