Possible to brighten camera image for Vuforia?

Is it possible to alter the brightness of the camera feed going into Vuforia? I'm doing some object tracking and noticed that on my monitor if I increase the brightness of the image of the object I'm testing with that it'll track perfectly. Otherwise it doesn't track at all if the brightness isn't ideal. I know it's kind of hacky but would still like to try if it's possible.

@emichals , do you know of how this can be done?

Now that I think about it it would also be cool to use the depth sensing to be able to block out pixels from Vuforia that are just too far away from the depth sensor, which in my mind would make object tracking accurate.

Hi, there is no way currently to adjust the brightness of the image being fed to the computer vision in Engine. However, with that said, there are a few things that are worth mentioning based on the description you gave.

It sounds like you're testing Model Target tracking off of your computer monitor, which is not something we officially support. It happens to work sometimes, but often the problem with screens is that the contrast is quite unrealistic and the device camera may be getting confused by the much brighter display when compared to the 'real world' around the monitor.

Also, regarding the depth sensor question, Vuforia Engine doesn't use the depth sensor when tracking Model Targets. Engine does rely on the underlying platform's device tracker to assist with our own computer vision, so in this case specifically with Magic Leap, we recommend using Magic Leap’s Mapping Tool to map your environment prior to tracking any types of targets, which allows anchors to be created and makes the tracking more robust. For more information you can read our Magic Leap 2 guide here: Getting Started with Vuforia Engine and Magic Leap 2 | VuforiaLibrary


Vuforia Engine PM

Thanks for the reply! So I started testing using my monitor because I was testing using a real life object that we have in an aircraft hanger and it wasn't tracking at all, I don't think the lighting was that poor but that's the only thing I could think of. I have the same physical object indoors and it tracks fine so it's not the object or the model target.