MLSnapshotGetTransform returns MLResult_PoseNotFound

I am trying to get hand tracking, I am following the steps in the hand tracking example but I didn't use the app framework, because the only thing I need is detection of the hand tracking, I am using my own GUI to render.

I initialized the perception system, and also initialized Handtracking handler, and static data
then requesting the update in the update loop as seeing in the code.


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Hi, Thank you for your post. Looking into this now. Can you tell me what version and which SDK you are using? You're working with C API, correct?

1 Like can you please try to create and initialize head tracker in your test and see if it works?

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Yes I am working with the C API
Build: B3E.220818.12-R.046-R.420
I am using 1.0.0 SDK.

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Thanks for your reply, I will do it on Monday and test, but I am interested, I don't recall reading anything in the documentation or header files regarding the Head Tracker.

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I think I should have mentioned the example that uses the app frameworks actually works.
and does detect the hands very accurately.

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Creating head tracker does seem to fix it.

However, the issue now, is that the mask returned by which joints are detected is always the same.

whenever a hand is detected, it always make the mask points true (all of them, even if it is just the finger tip)
except for mask point 21, 22 Unral and Radial.

is this intended? Because, that is the case as well for the hand_tracking sample app.

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Yes, what you see with keypoints point 21, 22 is expected. Also the need to create head tracker is fixed in the latest release 1.1.0-dev1. Thank you.