Microsoft Authentication Recommendation

I have to implement Microsoft Authentication next. Just curious if there is a recommended approach or solution for this on the Magic Leap ?

I've been researching possible solutions and Ill be reporting back to the team to assess which one we should use.

Id like to stay away from firebase since its a bit of an overkill to use it for authentication only.

Hi @nathan, one example we've done internally includes Azure AD integration:

  1. We have an internal Azure AD application and account on Azure AD panel.
  2. We are using the Azure AD demo app with Microsoft Authentic app on ML2 and we can enable the "share device mode" on ML2.
  3. After that we can see the ML2 device login on Azure AD panel and we can control the device permission on panel.
  4. We modified our Azure AD demo app to save the token and user on AOSP AccountManager on ML2.

Please let me know if this helps.

Do I have access to this example?

No it was an internal sample app for testing purposes.

Can I have access to this sample app? Would definitely help

Sorry @nathan unfortunately I'm not in a position to share. Hope the above gives you some direction.