Kiosk mode


I was wondering: What's the best way to run a single app on the Magic Leap 2 device (Kiosk mode) in order to prevent the user from pressing the home button, going into the main menu, making changes in the settings etc.?

I could not find a direct and simple answer to my question in the forum. Is the easiest way to use a service like ManageXR ( Does anybody gathered some experience with it?

In addition, it should still be possible to switch between users (profiles).

Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated.


Hi @julien.villiger ,

Best is subjective but as written it sounds like you are seeking a MDM solution that runs an implementation of Android's locktask mode (kiosk) but also manages user profiles.

We have a developer facing CLI tool that lets you run lock task without any other MDM features (eg user management) which you can find the details here in my forum post ML2 home button - #4 by mrushton for something quick and limited.

We also list a few MDM / remote management applications here but I would decide what features matter to you before choosing the right one for your use case Augmented Reality Apps for Magic Leap 2 | Magic Leap.

Hope that helps,