March 2023 Release - 1.2.0-dev2

March 2023 Release - 1.2.0-dev2

Our March 2023 Release is now live featuring two new tools to make setting up and interacting with Magic Leap 2 apps even easier. We also have a host of other new features, upgrades and improvements to our Magic Leap Operating System, and Unity and C API SDKs this month.

First up, we published a tool to the Unity Asset Store called the Magic Leap Setup Tool, which allows you to quickly configure your project so you can build and deploy applications to the Magic Leap quicker than ever.

It’s literally an “easy button” for your Unity-based Magic Leap 2 project.

The second tool we’re releasing this month is a customizable sample keyboard for your Unity project integration. The keyboard is freely available on our Magic Leap GitHub repository.

Speaking of Unity, we’ve updated the Magic Leap XR Plugin requirement to version 7.0.0 from 7.0.0-pre.2. You won't need to manually update your existing projects; however when you update your Magic Leap Unity SDK package through the Magic Leap Hub, this will automatically update the Magic Leap XR Plugin package to 7.0.0.

Hearing Aid Support

We’ve added support in our MLAudio C API for a Hearing Aid audio output device via Bluetooth. This improvement is key in helping people with hearing loss interact with the Magic Leap 2 device ecosystem.


We’ve also added support for Unity’s XRHandSubSystem, enabling developer access to the Unity XR Hands package, which defines an API allowing developers to use hand tracking data from Magic Leap 2.


Also this month, we’ve added additional slots for our MLVoiceIntents API for Unity. A slot is a placeholder string for a set of potential values, and now developers can have additional logic based on which value was spoken.

Spatial Audio

Starting this month, you may add spatial audio to your project just by installing and selecting the Soundfield Audio plugin. You no longer need to add components, though you still may add them for extra features. For more Soundfield plugin details, please see our Soundfield Audio Unity Plugin 3.3.0 Release Notes.

Web Browser App

This month the Magic Leap Browser app gets several important upgrades, including the ability to set an alternate user-agent - such as web browser, media player, or plug-in. The alternate user-agent can also be customized. By popular demand, the browser is curved for optimal viewing and can also now be repositioned within the device using the controller.

Standby Power State

Users can now go into the Settings App menu and toggle the Compute Pack's Standby Power State "On" or "Off." The default setting is now "On" (previously "Off" by default) and will be "On" when erasing user data while flashing the latest software build and following factory reset. However, if you are upgrading from a prior software release without erasing user data, the current Standby Power setting, either "On" of "Off", will be preserved.

Read on for more release highlights and check out our Release Notes for full details. As always, these releases are available in the Magic Leap Hub for download.

More Release Highlights

Additional API Updates

  • MLWebView: added support for popup window requests. (C)
  • A new System Notifications Manager Sample App in the C API examples available for download within the Magic Leap Hub demonstrates how developers can suppress system notifications and implement their own.

Systems & Performance

  • New Home Gesture (in addition to the one that already exists), requiring a two-hand Wrist Tap. Now Home Gestures are enabled by default in User's Settings.
  • Upgraded Magic Leap XR Plugin requirement to version 7.0.0 installed as a dependency through the Magic Leap Hub.
  • Fixed enforcement of Main Camera's near clip distance to respect user setting.

March 2023 Package Version Guide

Listed below are the version numbers of the packages that comprise the March 2023 update:

  • Magic Leap OS - 1.2.0-dev2 [B3E.230302.12-R.024]
  • Unity SDK -1.5.0
  • C SDK - 1.2.0-dev2
  • MRTK - 1.5.0 Version 1.0
  • OpenXR - 1.2.0-dev2

Reminder: if you update to the latest SDK, you also need to update the OS on your device. If you are using Unity be sure to use the versions listed above for full compatibility. After you download the packages listed above, check out our setup guides.

One final note for this month's release: We hear you. The number one most viewed post this year on our Magic Leap 2 Developer Forum was from developers requesting access to sample apps to highlight Magic Leap 2 features. We are proud to announce select demo content is now available on our Developer Portal Downloads page to help show off what you can do with the Magic Leap 2.

Keep your feedback coming. Let us know what you think of the demo content by posting on the Magic Leap 2 Forum, including what features you're most anticipating.


Kevin Downey
Ecosystem Services