May 2023 Release - 1.3.0-dev1

May 2023 Release - 1.3.0-dev1

Our May 2023 Operating System and SDK Release is now live in the Magic Leap Hub, with updates including an improved user experience right out of the box, the ability to use standard Android Audio API calls, more exposed Native C APIs to take advantage of predicted display time, and much more. We’re also excited to partner with Unity Learn on their in-depth new Magic Leap 2 tutorial course.

Magic Leap 2 on Unity Learn

We collaborated with the Unity Learn team to produce a comprehensive tutorial course on how to develop for Magic Leap 2. Unity Development for Magic Leap 2 is a course designed and developed by Unity Learn for intermediate developers interested in learning how to create compelling AR experiences for our device.

This course features the fundamentals of creating applications using the Magic Leap 2 and is made up of a series of standalone tutorials, each covering a different topic. Learn more.


A new version of the Assist App that now supports Arabic, Japanese & German is available. Users can download the app while wearing the Magic Leap 2 device by clicking the “Featured Apps” button in the device’s main menu, and following the subsequent prompts.

Assist lets Magic Leap 2 users share their real-world environment and digital content with remote participants. Experts joining via web browser can chat with and guide the user with spatial annotation tools, file transfers, and more. AR-enabled remote assistance can increase efficiency and accuracy of complex tasks across any industry.

Android Audio

With this release, we now support standard Android Audio APIs, in addition to our custom MLAudio API. This enables developers to use standard Android SDK/NDK APIs to work with audio input and output (e.g. AudioTrack and AAudio).


Capture App

The Capture app now features a live preview in the advanced settings, allowing users to see real-time previews while capturing media. We’ve also enhanced the user experience for a more intuitive capture process.

QR Reader App

We've improved QR code scanning performance and accuracy by disabling the global dimmer during scanning.

Improved Out-of-the-Box Experience

In addition to resolving various bugs affecting the user experience right out of the box, we’ve made some language support improvements. Users can now select Spanish and French as language options during the initial setup process, and we’ve improved the user interface for language selection.

Adding New Entitlements

Adding new entitlements to existing license keys

As part of last month’s release, new entitlements were added to the Magic Leap Developer Pro, Magic Leap Enterprise (Subscription) and Magic Leap Enterprise (Perpetual) licenses:

  • Local Multi User Login;
  • Manage App Signing Certificates, and;
  • Remote Render Client Access.

If you have already activated one of the above mentioned licenses on your device, please follow these steps to access new features:

  1. Existing license was activated in Online mode
    a. Upgrade OS to at least April’s build 1.2.0 (build number B3E.230330.11-R.043)
    b. Reboot device

  2. Existing license was activated in Offline mode
    a. Upgrade OS to at least April’s build 1.2.0 (build number B3E.230330.11-R.043)
    b. Return the license and reactivate it with the same key
    c. Reboot device


We have deprecated the following MLWebView APIs: MLWebViewGetScrollSize() and MLWebViewGetScrollOffset(). These deprecated APIs are scheduled to be removed in a later release. See our full list of deprecated APIs.

SDK Release Highlights

  • New MLPowerManager API. (C API)
  • Exposed new APIs to obtain and use predicted display time:
    • MLGraphics: MLGraphicsFrameInfo struct now contains a new predicted_display_time field; (C API)
    • MLPerception: new MLPerceptionGetPredictedSnapshot() API to obtain a snapshot for predicted display timestamp; (C API)
  • MLGazeRecognition: MLGazeRecognitionStaticData now has two additional fields (eye_height_max, eye_width_max) to indicate maximum width and height values for eye_left and eye_right vectors. (C API)

Systems & Performance

  • ML API level updated to 27.
  • Application framework was updated to use predicted timestamps.
  • Controller sample app was updated to demonstrate advantages of predicted timestamp use. Use the controller bumper button to toggle between modes to see the difference.
  • api_level was updated for all sample app manifests to be 27.
  • Updated System Notifications sample app to demonstrate how to use MLPowerManager APIs.
  • Improved performance of MLWebRTC.MLCameraVideoSource by making it start the video capture asynchronously.
  • A prior release inadvertently allowed developers to bypass the minimum clipping plane in Unity. We have restored the enforcement of the minimum clipping plane to 37cm.

May 2023 Package Version Guide

Listed below are the version numbers of the packages that comprise the April 2023 update:

  • Magic Leap OS - 1.3.0-dev1 [B3E.230427.10-R.023]
  • Unity SDK -1.7.0
  • C SDK - 1.3.0-dev1
  • MRTK - 1.7.0 Version 1.0
  • OpenXR - 1.3.0-dev1

Reminder: if you update to the latest SDK, you also need to update the OS on your device. If you are using Unity, be sure to use the versions listed above for full compatibility. After you download the packages listed above, check out our setup guides.

That’s about it for this month’s release. Be sure to check out the Unity Learn course for Magic Leap 2 and let us know your feedback here.


Kevin Downey
Ecosystem Services