December 2022 Release - 1.1.0-dev2

December 2022 Release - 1.1.0-dev2

Our December 2022 Release, with updates to Magic Leap OS, SDKs and OpenXR, is live now, so let’s get into the highlights.

First, HandTracking is improved compared to previous releases, including better accuracy, more robust Gesture Classification, reduced latency, and greater ability to operate in a variety of lighting and physical environments.

We’ve also improved our Home gesture, newly released last month. With this gesture, the user can open, reposition or dismiss the Home menu without using the Controller. In this version, UI feedback was added to indicate the length of time the gesture needs to be held before triggering a change in the Home menu.

We’ve made a bunch more tweaks and improvements this month, like better support for MRTK applications, enhancing EyeTracking accuracy, improving OS Navigation when using your hands, adding beta web browser support, and increasing battery life performance. Be sure to check out our Release Notes for all the details.

As always, these releases are available in the Magic Leap Hub for download.

Release Highlights

API Updates

  • MLGraphicsFrameParamsEx.focus_distance being set to 0 will not return MLResult_InvalidParam. Developers should still provide a meaningful focus_distance that is not 0. (C)
  • Extended ML WebView API to support two new features
    • API to pause and resume individual web view sessions. (C, Unity)
    • API to create webview with web inspector enabled or disabled at creation time. (C)
  • Created a new WebXR launcher sample application to show how to build a WebXR content launcher app. The application will start Magic Leap WebXR viewer and follows the app’s life cycle. (C)
  • Added GetData method to AudioInputBufferClip that does not automatically wrap the audio data and instead sends you exactly what is in the audio buffer. (Unity)
  • Added MLCamera.FlipCameraVertically method to allow easily flipping camera frames instead of needing to invert Unity Renderer. (Unity)
  • Added new result code MLResult.Code.IllegalState. (Unity)
  • Added new struct MLMarkerTracker.TrackerSettings that introduces tracker profiles to MLMarkerTracker as a more modular way to configure the marker tracker hints. (Unity)
  • MLMarkerTracker.MarkerData objects now have their pose correctly rotated before being given to the developer. (Unity)

Systems & Performance

  • 50Hz alternating current (AC) electric grid frequency support
    • This feature adds a user setting that allows for the selection of either a country or a specified AC grid frequency (50 Hz or 60Hz). At this time, all ML2 devices will be shipped in 60 Hz mode.
  • Power State Management
    • To increase battery life, this release adds the Standby state to the Compute Pack’s power state machine.
    • The Compute Pack will transition from the Normal Operation to Standby power state when the ML2 Headset is off-head and the Compute Pack and Controller are at rest.
    • The Compute Pack will transition from Standby to Normal Operation in response to wearing the ML2 Headset (eye detection) or a short (0.5 second) press of the Compute Pack’s power button.
    • User power management settings have been expanded to include Compute Pack Standby and Controller Standby enable/disable switches. By default, these switches will be in the ‘disabled’ position.

December 2022 Package Version Guide

Listed below are the version numbers of the packages that comprise the December 2022 update:

  • Magic Leap OS - 1.1.0-dev2 [B3E.221117.04-R.028]
  • Unity SDK -1.1.0-dev2
  • C SDK - 1.1.0-dev2
  • MRTK - 1.1.0-dev2
  • Unity Editor - 2022.2.0f1
  • Unity XR Package - 7.0.0-pre.1

Reminder: if you update to the latest SDK, you also need to update the OS on your device. If you are using Unity be sure to use the versions listed above for full compatibility. After you download the packages listed above, check out our setup guides.

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