Looking for a Remote Desktop solution

Hi guys.
We are looking to replicate the functionality present both on standard Android Devices and Hololens 2 (both referred as Clients), which is the following.

Magic Leap 2 is missing a tab/windows management for 2D applications, which is probably one of the most limiting features of the device yet.

What are the plans of implementing the windows management, and the ability to remotely connect to a PC?
As the first is definitely an important cross-industry needed application, the second one opens up the possibility of using the device in scenarios like this one:

which for the Healthcare industry is a KEY feature. To be able to use ML2 (like HL2) as a viewer in the surgical room, connected to a Dynamic Navigation System or a scanner which are managed by a PC situated in the room (but far away from the patient)

Thank you for your post @MatteoFifth. I'll talk to our engineers and update here soonest.

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Following up on this - I don’t believe we have a native Remote Desktop application, but developers should be able to replicate this functionality inside their application.

I noticed that the Unity Asset store has a plugin that performs the Remote Desktop functionality. Magic Leap 2 also provides APIs for a native Web View that supports tabs and can be used inside of Unity.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any additional questions

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