How to add "Vuforia Behaviour" to ML Camera prefab?


I think this is more of a Unity question than anything specific to Vuforia...?

I'm able to add a Gameobject > Vuforia Engine > AR Camera -- and this contains "Vuforia Behavior" and the "Default Initialization Error Handler". But this results in a separate camera object that's different from the ML Main Camera I added while configuring the project.

How can I add "Vuforia Behavior" and the "Default Initialization Error Handler" to the ML Camera? When I click "Add Component", Vuforia Behavior does not show up in the autocomplete list.

Thank you.

You can try to drag the script from the project view into the object. Let me know if this works.



Thank you @etucker — that worked –- I had to change Unity's search to "in Packages" (rather than in Assets) to find it. Onward!

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