Has anyone found or built a gRPC.core runtime for Android x86_64? It's an older version of gRPC that is still under maintenance. There are prebuilt binaries for most other targets available in multiple places but not the hardware/OS combination of the ML2. We build our project for a number of other devices and would rather not spend the effort migrating to grpc-dotnet yet.
Unity 2022.3.10f1

Hi @smcintyre
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Just a cursory look on the grpc github seems to suggest that it was compiled for x86, but not x86_64. Other people have suggested compiling from source and including the x86_64 build target, but it is not supported by that team. If that ends up working for you please let me know.

Hey Sidney -
Thanks for the quick response. Yeah I'd seen that same suggestion, was hoping to just find a binary. But I'll do that over the weekend and post here if it works for others. Thanks.
-- Shaun

did it work for you?
if it does, can you provide your code