GLTF / Draco plugin binary

Has anybody compiled Draco for ML2 (android X86_64). I am using the GLTFast library for loading GLB's and it Draco makes a big difference in download size.

Unfortunately the lib only comes with Android X86 support and not X64.

Generating the Draco library should be straightforward because the Draco repository includes a toolchain for both x86 and x86_64. You will just need to retarget the build actions to point at the x86_64 architecture.

I forked the repo, made some quick edits and ran the build script. But I didn't get a chance to test the plugin

Thanks for sharing this! Much appreciated. I tried the binary you shared but it crashes. See attached crash log.
I am bit tight for time debugging and can do without draco for now. I will pick it up in depth in March and report.

draco-crash.txt (15.2 KB)

Unfortunately since this is not a Magic Leap specific issue I will not be able to look into this much further. You can test this issue by creating a standard x86_64 , vulkan, unity android application and test it in Android Studios device emulator. If the bug is present in the emulator, I recommend reaching out to the author of the plugin / repository and see if they can provide more insight.

Here is the zip file of all the compiled plugins. The error might be caused due to an error in the build script. It might be present in all of the plugin files. (27.2 MB)