Global Dimming Issue Magic Leap 2

I am using global dimming API to increase and decrease the diming of the glasses so the view is visible properly. I am using Light sensor on headset with InputSystems.LightSensor function to detect the surrounding light and automatically adjust the brightness/dimming in the headset. At day, I am facing the issue that at day time when I am looking outside from the window the dimming automatically go to high and when I look inside the room the value of dimming comes down immediately and there is big transition between high light area and dark light area and the experience is difficult. I give the Range of dimming is from (0 to 1). Light sensor gives me value between brightness and dark area(0 to 10000). so I calculate accordingly. Any ideas to make the dimming smother?

@khubaib have you considered tweening the value instead of setting it immediately. For example using Mathf.SmoothStep ,Mathf.SmoothDamp or Mathf.Lerp.


Thanks for your reply i try this once but it takes too much load while transition and app becomes slow in Magicleap because its lightsensor continuously track surrounding lights.
but i think this is only way for that. Let me check again and let you know.