Can't connect to HTTP API hosted in laptop

I'm currently developing an application that connects to an API hosted on my laptop computer. Everything worked fine in December, and I could connect to my laptop from the Unity app using ML2. However, after some updates with the ML2 setup tool in Unity, I'm unable to connect via the Unity app, although I can still connect through ML2's web browser. I suspect there might be an additional configuration option that needs to be set up after these updates that I'm currently overlooking. Alternatively, I considered reverting to the previous version of the ML2 setup tool (version 2.4.0) that I used before, but it appears that downgrading isn't possible.

This new application is within a fresh Unity project based on the old one, and the APK from the previous project (utilizing the older setup tool version) continues to function properly. No modifications have been made to the API connection setup in the new application.

Unity Editor version: 2022.3.10f1
ML2 OS version: 1.4.0-dev2
Unity SDK version: 1.12.1
Host OS: Windows 10

The Magic Leap uses the standard Android API to perform network communication. You may want to verify that your application has the required network permissions before trying to connect to the remote device.

Regarding the setup tool, this tool should not have impacted the network communication, as it only configures the app as specified on the Getting Started Sections :

If you have your project in source control, you can look at the diff between the two project versions of the project setting.