C++ calls on App simulator

I'm currently waiting to receive my Magic Leap 2 and experimenting with the application simulator.
I want to reach the magic Leap 2 device from the unreal engine editor, in a way similar to the Unity package.

I am currently able to connect to the simulator using the mlsdk ml_api directly from c++ using the windows' libraries, and it seems to work fine in the application simulator in simulator mode.
Will this also work in hybrid or device mode? Or do I need to go through an android native app?
If so, what is the com.magicleap.zi_agent.apk for?

Thank you.

Hello @anthonyM thank you for your post. We will be focusing on OpenXR/Vulkan going forward and hope to have formal support for Unreal later this year. The hybrid/device mode will work then. Please stay tuned for formal Unreal Engine support.