AR Vuforia Alternatives


I'm trying to find a decent AR solution that'll track moving objects in real-time. I saw that ARCore supports Android devices but am unsure if that includes the ML2. The reason I am trying to find an alternative to Vuforia is because it looks like for model training that they process this information on their servers, and some of the models I need to track are for the government, so that's not doable.

Any ideas?

@rob42lou Have you tried using Vuforia's Model Target Generator? This application allows you to process the model on a local computer. Vuforia states that creating a Standard Model target does not transmit the 3D model. See the Vuforia wiki to learn more about the generator data processing.

That said, AR Core is not supported on Magic Leap 2 because AR Core requires google Play services. I'm not familiar with the model generation pipeline but have you considered Vision Lib? They support Magic Leap 2 and provide developers the ability to track 3D objects.

I did try Vuforias Standard Model Target Generator but I don't believe it will track live objects that begin at any orientation. VisionLib I also did try but I couldn't get it to work all that great (I was testing it using the ML2 controller as a thing to track). I guess it's possible I didn't configure it perfectly.