Unable to capture video with adb mlcapture command and the -w option

Hey everyone! I am attempting to use the mlcapture adb commands to capture video as defined here: Android Capture Commands | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

The command for capturing video includes options for how long the capture should last including a time duration or number of frames. And the "-w" option says that it should: "Record until something is entered on the keyboard".

I can verify on the headset that I am recording because I see the green icon in the upper left corner of my view, however no keyboard input stops the recording. The only thing that works to stop recording is to hit ctrl+C in the cmd window, but this does not save the file to my PC. I am only left with a 0KB file, no video.

Here is an example command that I am attempting to use:
adb exec-out mlcapture video -s -c virtual -w > test.mp4

How do I stop recording and save the video with the -w option?

Thank you!

Version 1.2.0
Build B3E.230330.11-R.044
Android API Level 29
Windows 10

Hi @jimmy.haviland,

Did you try running this without the -s option?



Thanks! That does work. I hadn't even tried that. It's just an extra step copy the over the video afterwards, but that's alright.

Thanks for the help!

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