Sending data to Magic Leap 2 device

Hi fox, Is there a way to send data (alphanumeric) to the headset? For example, streaming via serial from Arduino, and/or sensors (IoT) or other external devices using either Bluetooth, Wifi or tethered?
If so, could you please refer to an example, maybe on Github?

Thank you!

@hg1 Magic Leap 2 supports Android’s connectivity API. Using the standard Android API you can use Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy and even wifi direct.

I haven’t tested any of the “off the shelf” solutions, but a quick search on GitHub and Unity Asset store shows a few options. you can also test the API buy building an native Android application using Android Studio that targets Android 10 and the x86_64 architecture

I understand it may be possible to stream out (even video) but to stream in? can you refer to a specific example?

Sorry I might have misunderstood your question. You can use those APIs to stream in data .

For Bluetooth you can refer to : Bluetooth overview  |  Android Developers

For BLE you can refer to : Bluetooth Low Energy  |  Android Developers

For streaming in video you can use the standard network APIs. For a local area network you can use TCP or UDP. For example, you could use this asset : FMETP STREAM 3.0 | Video | Unity Asset Store

We do not have any Magic Leap samples for these APIs since they use generic Android APIs, but I will report your feedback to our Voice of Customer team.

If you run into any issues with an asset from the Unity Asset store, you may need to contact the author and test the asset on a standard android device (which you can simulate in Android Studio)